Ernesto Diaz_TCBL

Ernesto M. Diaz

Head of Productions

The “Visionary” from the beginning of TCBL; Ernesto pushes past expectations to what is associated with visuals and turns them into works of art behind the lens. He believes in his work and the rest of the team he surrounds himself without any hesitation of nearly close to perfecting the art of all visuals in todays world.  Being the founder of TCBL he has, “accepted being called a creator that is driven by a vision.”

Brittany Mitzan

Art Director

    “She’s so Creative,” is what Brittany has always heard. So much that she has taken upon this career choice to make a living out of it. She knows feeding into creativity creates a world full of beauty. It is important to her to give back to the community and represent “creative”  as business minded people. “There is a fine line between being just creative and business minded and we are looking to close that gap.”