Creativity is the gift, but you must open it.

Creativity is something that everyone has a different idea of. Some think of it as staying in kindergarten with the construction paper and glitter, to others who make a high profile career out of the same word. Being creative is a gift. Now others might think differently, but being that there are only a certain amount people that can accept this as a virtue instead of a curse. It gives those individuals the capability to truly live to their full potential in their professional creative field. Being creative isn’t always cool though, it can also get a lot of doors closed on you. From personal experience, I was once told from a boss that I thought the world of, that I was “too creative” and that I need to find something that suits me better. Um, hello? What? It took me awhile to understand what a blessing that was, but soon after, I was excepting the fact that being “too creative” is what was going to get me a lot of recognition one day.

That being said, it’s a different world to communicate in, being creative. It takes a lot of everything else in you to be able to stay creative. Removing yourself from situations that only make your pocket happy and not your heart is the hardest thing to do it today’s “wake up you have to make money,” mentality. (anyone who understands that, you are an inspiration #clique.) At the end of It all, Tartarus Creative Brain Lab was started on the sole purpose that creatives have a place where they can be an expert at their own creativity. We believe that the Creatives have rights and that’s why we write, draw, paint, edit, and think in ways that many can’t quite understand. We understand you, and we understand creative have rights, as any other profession has. So, here it is, presented to you, Creative Writes.

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